Shaun Danquah

Shaun works with TSIP across a range of projects, lending his expertise in community and youth engagement and working with us to bring lived experience to the forefront of our work. 

Shaun worked with TSIP on designing the lived experience leadership programme with Unltd and NLCF by developing strategies to tackle systemic change alongside the social sector, mostly by designing and implementing mentoring approaches for ‘lived experienced ‘leadership. In 2018, he led research among ‘hard to reach’ communities and built partnerships with more than 15 youth charities across London on behalf of Talent International. 

Between 2004-11, he led various community-based initiatives at the Clapham Park Project, including mentoring, estate-based education programmes, late night employment initiatives, peer to peer learning and recreational sports programmes. Through his leadership at Clapham Park, he successfully innovated a ‘system change’ framework for engagement whilst considering policy via the Community Anchor model, engaging grassroots civic actors whilst providing the Local Authority with the reassurance necessary towards current legislative requirements. In 2010, the Community Anchor model was awarded ~£3 million over a 3-year period. Building on his success at Clapham Park, he forged a strong partnership with technology giant Google and facilitated a number of thought leading workshops with their senior management team – in particular leading civic actors to demonstrate community-led technology around de-constructing gang violence online based on local insights.

Shaun completed his PhD in Criminology at London Metropolitan University, specialising in the interplay between gang criminality and jihadi narratives in public space. He also holds an MA from University in Westminster in Urban Regeneration, and a BA from Brunel University in Political Science and Government.