The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP) and Shoreditch Trust are looking for a local Hackney resident to help conduct some community engagement work as part of an effort to build a Civic Innovation Hub in Hackney. This would be a part-time role, serving as an external consultant to help with delivery from February to early July 2019 with a budget of up to £5,500. 


TSIP has recently been commissioned by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to develop a business and economic case for a Civic Innovation Hub in Hackney.

The Civic Innovation Hub is a place where every Hackney citizen can have their say on how to address the biggest social and environmental challenges in their neighborhood - both identifying challenges and driving solutions. It aims to foster collaboration and innovation by putting the community at the heart of design and delivery. The Hub is a space which provides a range of activities and opportunities for people to develop themselves and their community. It is a co-working space, a community centre, and an enabling environment for people, ideas, and projects to thrive through collaboration and connection. 

This role would support the first phase of this work, which involves conducting local engagement, research and further developing the strategy by highlighting need and opportunities.  It will include identifying what activities would have the most impact in this space, and what the space itself should look and feel like. 

We are seeking a local engagement officer with

  •  access to and an understanding of the local community

  • appreciation of the needs, the assets and the opportunities in the area

  • a commitment to improving the lives of working people in London

  • local leadership skills to drive several strands of activity which involve engaging and bringing in diverse members of the community


This role is a short-term, paid 5-month contract which would be focused on supporting our team to drive local engagement across a specific set of activities. 

This role would be a community-centred role, working closely with our key engagement manager to ensure local representation at a series of workshops and events, and ensure that local voices are heard in the design and delivery of the work.  It will involve working closely with our key partners on the ground, to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Inform research and collation of existing information on need and opportunities in the area to make a case for the work;

  • Engage the local community to foster interest and shape the use and impact of the Hub;

  • Help run a co-design event around the curation of the Hub;

  • Help run an event to understand the need in the area;

  • Support the development of a refined set of activities and services delivered by the Hub, building on the community engagement work.

  • Work with the local community to inform the design of the Hub, both from a physical point of view and the programmatic element. 

This would ensure the following outcomes: 

  • A business case that is informed and driven by the local community

  • Clear objectives for the programmatic content and the physical design of the Hub, building on local insight

  • A network of residents and community members interested in and motivated by the potential of the Hub

  • A clearer understanding of the needs and opportunities in Hackney that this Hub would help achieve


A local Hackney resident

  • with strong connections in the community, ideally across diverse groups of individuals;

  • with experience of facilitation, event management (or playing a significant support role);

  • who understands and values the importance of human connection and is adept at building relationships;

  • with an interest in improving the community and quality of life for individuals in Hackney.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who have been affected by social issues and are now interested in addressing them as well as people with prior experience of working on similar projects.

If this sounds like you, please send your CV to Marion Brossard (marion.brossard@tsip.co.uk) by 5pm on Friday, February 1st. We will review applications and hold interviews on the Monday February 11th for an immediate start.