In the second of our series of citizen-led design workshops in Hackney, in early June young people, supported by innovators, local leaders and funders, set about designing, refining and prototyping applied solutions to issues they had identified in the local area. Some of the developed solutions include:

  • #Hackney16+ campaign, aiming to make businesses in Hackney better prepared and more willing to offer jobs to local young people aged 16+

  • An intergenerational, community festival which includes aspects of business networking, skills sharing and a #Hackneymic roving youth media project.

See the video to below to see the youth-led design in action. 

This workshop follows on from research we have been conducting throughout 2018, meeting and listening to young people across Hackney to get their perspective of living in Hackney.

In the first week of May, we led a workshop focussed on why many young people feel unwelcome in certain places and situations in Hackney. The first half of the workshop was focussed on young people's experiences and perspectives. In the second half, representatives from the council, community groups, local police and others were invited to join in the process of determining the root causes.


Building on the solutions identified, we intend to bring together interested young people, delivery partners and funders to turn the ideas into reality. Get in touch if you would like to know more or be involved.